+【Commission Info】+

Payment must be sent to me via Pay-Pal or Ko-fi, I MUST receive HALF or FULL pay upfront before starting anything, I will make an exception if you have a set payment date!Once I can confirm the payment has been received, I will immediately start, during the process of drawing I will send multiple Progress Shots and other details for your approval.

+【 Prices 】+[Flat Colors]:: $ 25.50
[Soft Shaded]:: $30.50
[Fully Shaded]:: $50.50
[Style Replication]:: $45.50
[Collab Commission]:: $70.50

I DO draw::
-Age Gap ships (SFW and NSFW)
-Aged Up characters (SFW and NSFW)
- Furry/Anthro (SFW and NSFW)
-OC/FC content (SFW and NSFW)
Feel free to ask about anything I failed to mention!

If you don't have enough money to commission me and you still wish to support me or get art from me you can also donate to my Ko-Fi !
Anyone who donates (5$ or more) will receive a Sketch of whatever character they wish!

Baron Jeanea